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STEM Workshop

Have fun with your kids in innovation!

Weekend workshops as a space for parents and kids to learn STEM and innovate in a relaxing way.





Cantonese / English




No experience necessary


Are you thinking of any activities both entertaining and educational for your kids over the weekend? Join the Blueinno’s parent-kid STEM workshops to innovate with your kids together!

Book our parent-kid workshops so that you can play, make, learn, and innovate with your kids together over different STEM topics, from robotics, car making to simple coding.

You and your kids can also get a little bite on innovation with our project-based learning kits. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the whole journey, so that you and your kids can have an afternoon full of innovation.


Module 1


(Age 5-8)

  • In this workshop, you and your kids are going to design and build your own robot that can help you clean the floor of your home.
  • Kids will learn:
    • Basic electronic engineering and robotics knowledge
    • They can bring their CleanBot home to help their parents!!
Module 2

Creative Robot Cars

(Age 5-12)

  • Making robots can be fun! In this event, you and your kids are going to design and build your family robot that can be controlled to fight against other cars in the robot competition.
    • Kids will learn:
      • Basic electronic engineering and robotics knowledge
      • Design thinking process by according to the framework by Stanford University


  • A weekend's afternoon downtown
  • a curious mind

Education Tools

  • Blueinno Robotic kits

Bring Home...

  • Your family robotic projects
  • All STEM project creation

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Class Schedule 


Section per Module


Hours Each

1 : 7

 Teacher-to-Family Ratio

Parent-kid STEM Workshop

Sat 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Sun 4:30pm - 6:00pm

HKD $450 per section, including parents and kid

Prince Edward

(or your own place / online via zoom)

Ages 10+  |  CODING

Javascript for AI

Get creative with Javascript and design your own applications with videos, images, and sound.

Ages 9-12  |  CODING & Robotics


Learn Arduino using C Programming with design thinking to invent and innovate. 

Ages 11+  |  CODING


Embark on your Python journey here by solidifying basic Python syntax, and later deep learning. 

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